WordPress Themes

What is a WordPress Theme?

A WordPress theme provides all of the front-end styling of a WordPress website. Most WordPress themes provide the overall design or style of the website, font styling, colors, widget locations, page layouts (or templates), styles for blog posts and blog archives and additional stylistic details aside from advanced features, functionality and overall ease of use.

In the world of WordPress there are thousands of themes to choose from. Yet, only a very few are among those that are skillfully crafted, that use the best software libraries available and have matured and are very well supported by the theme developers.

A premier place to explore commercial WordPress themes is ThemeForest.net which is currently selling more than 11,000+ commercial WordPress themes.

For the past five years I tend to weekly research “what’s new” at ThemeForest to keep pace with newly released themes, as well as to keep an eye on those themes that have caught my attention as being exceptional. When a WordPress theme impresses me, I tend to keep an eye on “user feedback”, as well as seeing how well the developers provide support and keep pace with regular software updates.

This section shows a group of some of the best commercial WordPress themes currently available all of which can be suitably modified towards developing an appropriate “look & feel” and presentation that is unique and rises above competing websites.